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The HGH supplements


available do not use prescription HGH, but rather fall into two general categories, homeopathic AndroGel HGH and HGH releasers.

The strangest thing however, taking into account that Primo is still a DHT (or rather AndroGel DHB) derivative, is that it is quite easy on the system androgenically as well. Women use methenolone AndroGel often, usually the tabs, and find little virilisation symptoms in short term use of methenolone. Long-term use may induce AndroGel some acne and a deepening of the voice however. Methenolone is also not overly suppressive of the HPT axis (endocrinal axis for the production of natural AndroGel testosterone). These are both the result of DHB's 1,2-double bond, which, analog to the parent

structure boldenone, reduces the androgenic binding by 50% as opposed to DHT.

Like all medicines, AndroGel Viagra can cause some side effects. These effects are usually mild to moderate and usually don't AndroGel last longer than a few hours. Some of these side effects are more likely to occur with higher doses. The most common side effects of Viagra are AndroGel headache, flushing of the face, and upset stomach. Less common side effects that may occur are temporary changes in color vision (such AndroGel as trouble telling the difference between blue and green objects or having a blue color tinge to them), eyes being more sensitive to light, or blurred vision. In rare instances, men have reported

an erection that lasts many hours. You should call a doctor immediately if you ever have an erection that lasts more AndroGel than 4 hours. If not treated right away, permanent damage to your penis could occur. Heart attack, AndroGel stroke, irregular heartbeats, and death have been reported rarely in men taking Viagra. Most, but AndroGel not all, of these men had heart problems before taking this medicine. It is not possible to determine whether these events were directly AndroGel related to Viagra.

Always take Cialis ® exactly as your doctor has instructed you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure.

Keep all appointment with your doctor.


Proscar is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. AndroGel This is where the prostate is enlarged and causes problems with urinating. The prostate is gradually reduced from its enlarged AndroGel state, bringing relief to the patient. Proscars active ingredient Finasteride, is the same as in Propecia, but at a much larger dose. Proscar has AndroGel 5mg Finasteride compared with Propecias 1 mg dosage.

Diazepam is occasionally beneficial for patients with major depression or psychosis. AndroGel It can, however, induce paradoxical effects in these patients and in those with suicidal ideation. The drug should be administered to such patients with careful monitoring.


    Molecular Weight: 306.4442

For athletes AndroGel who wish to maintain a "natural" status in competition, the tablets are quite well-suited as detection AndroGel chances for the acetate-form are quite slim. However tests have improved and quite a number of metabolites1 of methenolone can be detected with AndroGel a simple urine sample. But an English study documented that there is a liability in eating methenolone contaminated AndroGel meats2, which could provide a possible defense if found out. One could always claim they ate the meat of a chicken or cow injected with methenolone since the test concluded eating such meat does not improve performance, but can deliver positive

tests for several methenolone metabolites almost 24 hours after ingestion. That's AndroGel for those of you seeking a viable defense against a possible methenolone-positive. AndroGel

Children — Most of the side effects of these medicines are more AndroGel likely to occur in children, especially the very young. These patients are usually more AndroGel sensitive than adults to the effects of benzodiazepines.

EPO can be given intra-muscular AndroGel or intravenously, of course with intravenously it will take effect much faster. With a half-life of 4 to 5 hours AndroGel long, and when administered intra-muscular half-life will be 12 to 18 hours. So when used medically the dosage is 15-50IU/kg of body


weight, given three times a week.

Decabol is an injectable preparation containing the active ingredient Nandrolone AndroGel Decanoate. Decabol is used in the treatment of Osteoporosis (ie - bone degeneration) due to its positive influence on calcium AndroGel metabolism and the increase in bone mass. It also has a positive effect on protein metabolism and is used where AndroGel a protein deficiency exists, eg. during chronic debilitating diseases, after major surgery & severe trauma.

AndroGel Partly this is due to its apparent lack of non-AR-mediated activity. This can be corrected of course by stacking with a Class II steroid such as dianabol, anadrol, 4-AD, or nor-4-AD: the latter


two steroids require high blood levels which are not obtained by oral use of the powders.

The popularity AndroGel of Proviron© amongst bodybuilders has been increasing in recent years. Many experienced bodybuilders have in fact AndroGel come to swear by it, incorporating it effectively in most markedly estrogenic cycles. Due to high demand Proviron© is now very easy to obtain on the AndroGel black market. Most versions will be manufactured by Schering, and should cost about $1-$2 per 25 mg tab. In many instances this item AndroGel is obtained via mail order, and here can sell for less than .50 per tab. This drug is packaged in both push-through strips and small glass vials, so do not let this alarm


you. There is currently no need to worry about authenticity with this drug, as no counterfeits are known to exist. If money and AndroGel availability does not prevent it, Arimidex© is actually a much better choice than Proviron© AndroGel though. This drug was designed specifically as an antiaromatase, and works much more effectively than anything else we have available. Since AndroGel this item is extremely expensive however, Nolvadex© and Proviron© will no doubt remain AndroGel to be the "standard" antiestrogen regimen among athletes.

VIAGRA must never be used AndroGel by men who are taking any medicines that contain nitrates. Nitrates are found in many prescription medicines that are used to treat angina

(chest pain due to heart disease) such as: nitroglycerin (sprays, ointments, skin patches or pastes, AndroGel and tablets that are swallowed or dissolved in the mouth) isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate (tablets that are swallowed, AndroGel chewed, or dissolved in the mouth).

Sodium Chloride Injection 0.9% is a sterile isotonic solution of sodium chloride in AndroGel Water for Injections, pH 4.5 - 7.0, containing no preservatives.

Teslac is one of the very first drugs AndroGel approved by the FDA to fight estrogen-dependant breast cancer, back in 1970. It does this by possibly inhibiting the aromatase enzyme in what appears to be both a noncompetitive and an irreversible manner.


What is Kamagra?

The workup and treatment of candidates for Clomid therapy should be supervised by physicians experienced AndroGel in management of gynecolic or endocrine disorders. Patients should be chosen for therapy with Clomid only after careful diagnostic evaluation. AndroGel

Stanabol is a relatively low androgenic steroid which does not seem to aromatize. It can be toxic to the liver in excessive dosages. AndroGel Very few user report water retention or any other side effects. It is a popular all purpose steroid, AndroGel many stack with Primobolan or Parabolan for cutting, others stack it with testosterone for size and strength gains. Women often use Winstrol depot


but occasionally it can cause virilization, even at low dosages. Users report that AndroGel the muscle gains they make are solid, they are well retained after the drug use is discontinued. AndroGel Athletes also find that the injectable version is far superior to the oral.

Stromba AndroGel (o.c.) 5 mg tab.; Winthrop CH, DK, NL, G, Sterling- Winthrop S, Ster

What kind of HGH supplements are available? AndroGel

The growth hormones is a polypeptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids. In humans AndroGel it is produced in the hypophysis and released if there are the right stimuli (e.g. training, sleep, stress, low blood sugar level). It is now important to understand that the freed


HGH (human growth hormones) itself has no direct effect but only stimulates the liver to produce and release insulin-like growth AndroGel factors and somatomedins. These growth factors are then the ones that cause various effects AndroGel on the body. The problem, however, is that the liver is only capable of producing a limited amount of these substances AndroGel so that the effect is limited. If growth hormones are injected they only stimulate the liver to produce AndroGel and release these substances and thus, as already mentioned, have no direct effect.

AndroGel Perhaps the most interesting and potent effect IGF has on the human body is its ability to cause hyperplasia, which is an actual splitting of cells.

Hypertrophy is what occurs during weight training and steroid use, it is simply an increase in the size of muscle AndroGel cells. See, after puberty you have a set number of muscle cells, and all you are able to do is increase the size of these AndroGel muscle cells, you don't actually gain more. But, with IGF use you are able to cause this hyperplasia which actually increases AndroGel the number of muscle cells present in the tissue, and through weight training and steroid AndroGel usage you are able to mature these new cells, in other words make them grow and become AndroGel stronger. So in a way IGF can actually change your genetic capabilities in terms of muscle tissue and cell count. IGF proliferates and differentiates
the number of types of cells present. At a genetic level it has the potential to alter an individuals capacity to build superior muscle density AndroGel and size.

Virormone (Testosterone propionate) is used on so few occasions in weightlifting, powerlifting, and AndroGel bodybuilding not because it is ineffective. On the contrary, most do not know about propionate and its application potential. AndroGel One acts according to the mottos "what you don't know won't hurt you" and "If others don't AndroGel use, it can't be any good." We do not want to go this far and call propionate the most effective testosterone ester-, however, in certain applications it is superior to enanthate,

cypionate, and also undecanoate because it has characteristics which the common test-osterones do not AndroGel have. The main difference between propionate, cypionate, and enanthate is the respective duration of effect. In contrast to the AndroGel long-acting enanthate and cypionate depot steroids, propionate has a distinctly lower duration of effect. The reader learns how long this time is from AndroGel the package insert of the German Jenapharm GmbH for their compound "Testosteron Jenapharm" (see list with trade 'names): "Testosterone AndroGel proprionate has a duration of effect of I to 2 days." An eye-catching difference, however, is that the athlete "draws" distinctly


less water with propionate and visibly lower water retention occurs. Since propionate is quickly effective, often after only one or two days, the AndroGel athlete experiences an increase of his training energy, a better pump, an increased appe-tite, and a slight strength gain. As an initial AndroGel dose most athletes pre-fer a 50-100 mg injection. This offers two options: First, because of the rapid initial effect AndroGel of the propionate-ester one can initiate a sev-eral-weeklong steroid treatment with Testosterone enanthate. Those who cannot wait until AndroGel the depot steroids become effective inject 250 mg of Testosterone enanthate and 50 mg of Virormone (Testosterone propionate) at the beginning of the


treatment. After two days, when the effect of the propionates decreases, another 50 mg ampule is injected. Two days after that, the AndroGel elevated testosterone level caused by the propi-onate begins to decrease. By that time, the effect AndroGel of the enanthates in the body would be present; no further propionate injections would be necessary. Thus the athlete rapidly reaches AndroGel and maintains a high testosterone level for a long time due to the depot testo. This, for example, is important AndroGel for athletes who with Anadrol 50 over the six-week treatment have gained several pounds and would now like to switch to testosterone. Since Anadrol 50 begins its "breakdown" shortly after use of
the compound is discontinued, a fast and el-evated testosterone level is desirable. The second option is to take propionate during the entire AndroGel period of intake. This, however, requires a periodic injection every second day.

Drug Class: AndroGel Highly Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (Oral)

Athletes also find that the injectable AndroGel version is far superior to the oral. Stanozolol comes in 50 mg/cc, 2 mg/tab or 5mg/tab. Dosages range from 3-5 AndroGel ccs per week for men, 1-2 ccs in women. Oral dosages are usually in the area of 16-30 mg per day for men, 4-8 mg for women.Average dose is 3-5 cc in vials per week or 16-30 mg in tablets a day.

The most common dosage schedule

for Testosterone Propionate (men) is to inject 50 to 100 mg, every 2nd or 3rd day. As AndroGel with the more popular esters, the total weekly dosage would be in the range of 200-400 mg. As with all testosterone compounds, this drug is most AndroGel appropriately suited for bulking phases of training. Here it is most often combined with AndroGel other strong agents such as Dianabol, Anadrol 50 or Deca-Durabolin, combinations that prove to be quite formidable. Propionate however AndroGel is sometimes also used with non aromatizing anabolics/androgens during cutting or dieting phases AndroGel of training, a time when its' fast action and androgenic nature are also appreciated. Popular stacks include a moderate dosage of


propionate with an oral anabolic like Winstrol (15-35 mg daily), Primobolan (50-150 mg daily) AndroGel or Oxandrolone (15-30 mg daily). Provided the body fat percentage is sufficiently low, AndroGel the look of dense muscularity can be notably improved (barring any excess estrogen buildup from the testosterone). We can further add a AndroGel non-aromatizing androgen like Trenbolone, which should have an even more extreme effect on AndroGel subcutaneous body fat and muscle hardness. Of course with the added androgen content any related AndroGel side effects will become much more pronounced.

When discontinuing Anadrol 50, the crash can be equally powerful. To begin with, the level of water retention will quickly


diminish, dropping the user's body weight dramatically. This should be expected, and not of much concern. What is of great concern is restoring AndroGel endogenous testosterone production. Anadrol 50 will quickly and effectively lower natural AndroGel levels during a cycle, so HCG and/or Clomid - Nolvadex are a must when discontinuing a cycle. AndroGel

Noting the hypothesis that an elevated blood insulin level may be of some advantage to bodybuilders, Fahey and his colleagues (1993) AndroGel undertook an experiment in which they fed athletes a liquid meal of "Metabolol", which consisted of 13.0g protein, 31.9g carbohydrate and 2.6g fat per 100ml and provided 825kJ of energy.

Liver Toxic: Very

Testosterone gel may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or AndroGel do not go away: breast enlargement and/or pain, decreased sexual desire, acne, hair loss, hot flushes, AndroGel depression, mood changes, nervousness, headache, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, teary eyes, changes in ability to smell or taste.


Of course testosterone cypionate can be stacked with any number of compounds apart from these, but these make the best match. AndroGel When stacking with testosterone, one needs to look at what the other compound can bring. Either it has a characteristic that testosterone doesn't have, or its nominally safer.


The testosterone will bring all the mass, so adding another steroid to enhance mass alone, is futile. More testosterone is the best remedy for AndroGel that.

Decreases HPTA function: Possible

Some possible side effects

The typical dosage for men is one to four AndroGel 25 mg per tablets per day. This is a sufficient amount to prevent gynecomastia, the drug often used throughout AndroGel the duration of a strong cycle. As mentioned earlier, it is often combined with Nolvadex© AndroGel (tamoxifen citrate) or Clomid© (clomiphene citrate) when heavily estrogenic steroids AndroGel are being taken (Dianabol, testosterone etc.). Administering 50mg of Provironum© and 20mg Nolvadex© daily


has proven extremely effective in such instances, and it is quite uncommon for higher AndroGel dosages to be required. And just as we discussed for women, the androgenic nature of this compound is greatly AndroGel welcome during contest preparation. Here again Provironum© should noticeably benefit the hardness and density of the muscle, while at the AndroGel same time increasing the tendency to burn off a greater amount of body fat. Provironum© is usually well tolerated AndroGel and side effects (men) are rare with dosages under 100 mg per day. Above this, one may develop an AndroGel excessively high androgen level and encounter some problems. Typical androgenic side effects include oily skin, acne, body/facial hair growth
and exacerbation of a male pattern baldness condition, and may occur even with the use of a moderate dosage. With the strong AndroGel effect DHT has on the reproductive system, androgenic actions may also include an extreme heightening of male libido. And as discussed AndroGel earlier, Women should be careful around Provironum©. It is an androgen, and as such has the potential to produce virilization symptoms quite readily. AndroGel This includes, of course, a deepening of the voice, menstrual irregularities, changes in skin texture and AndroGel clitoral enlargement.

Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor. STORE THIS MEDICINE at room temperature, away from heat and light.


IF YOU MISS A DOSE OF THIS MEDICINE, use it as soon as possible. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and AndroGel go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do NOT use 2 doses at once.

Clomid 50 mg tablets. Each clomid tablet contains 50 mg AndroGel clomiphene citrate. Clomid comes in packs of 30 tablets and is manufactured by Effik.

DHT Conversion: No

Since most steroids AndroGel aromatize more or less strongly, i.e. part of the substance is converted into estrogens, male athletes AndroGel can experience a significant elevation in the normally very low estrogen level while using anabolic steroids. This can lead to feminization symptoms such as gynecomastia,


increased fat deposits and higher water retention.

Close attention to diet is extremely important AndroGel in people using insulin, whether this is for legitimate medical purposes or for other reasons. You can reduce your risk by AndroGel consuming an adequate amount and mixture of high and low G.I. carbohydrate foods and drinks immediately after using insulin and at regular intervals AndroGel (every 2-3 hours) throughout the day.

An athlete weighing 200 pounds would take only 4 tablets of 5 mg (20mg/day.) AndroGel In our experience bodybuilders take 8-10 tablets of 5 mg, that is 40-50 mg/day. Many enthusiastically report good results with this dosage: one builds a solid muscle


mass, the strength gain is worthwhile seeing, the water retention is very low, and the estrogen caused side effects are rare. Not without AndroGel good reason Oral Turanabol is also popular among powerlifters and weightlifters who appreciate these characteristics.

(17beta-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one) AndroGel
(Trenbolone Base + Acetate Ester)

Foods with a low G.I. produce a slower, smaller but more AndroGel sustained increase in blood glucose levels. Examples of such low G.I. foods are pasta, varieties of high amylose AndroGel rice, barley, instant noodles, oats, heavy grain breads, lentils, and many fruits such as apples and dried apricots. Low G.I foods are advantageous if consumed

at least two hours before an event. This gives time for this food to be emptied from the stomach into the small intestine. AndroGel Since these foods are digested and absorbed slowly from the gastro-intestinal tract, they continue to provide glucose to muscle cells AndroGel for a longer period of time than moderate or high G.I. foods, particularly towards the end of an event when muscle glycogen stores may be running AndroGel low. In this way, low G.I. foods can increase a person's exercise endurance and prolong AndroGel the time before exhaustion sets in.

Anavar was the old U.S. brand name for the oral steroid oxandrolone, first produced in 1964 by the drug manufacturer Searle. It was designed

as an extremely mild anabolic, one that could even be safely used as a growth stimulant AndroGel in children. One immediately thinks of the standard worry, "steroids will stunt growth". But it is actually AndroGel the excess estrogen produced by most steroids that is the culprit, just as it is the reason AndroGel why women stop growing sooner and have a shorter average stature than men. Oxandrolone will AndroGel not aromatize, and therefore the anabolic effect of the compound can actually promote linear growth. Women AndroGel usually tolerate this drug well at low doses, and at one time it was prescribed for AndroGel the treatment of osteoporosis. As the opinions surrounding steroids began to change in the 1980's, prescriptions
for oxandrolone began to drop. Lagging sales probably led Searle to discontinue manufacture in 1989, and it had AndroGel vanished from U.S. pharmacies until recently. Oxandrolone tablets are again available inside the U.S. by BTG, bearing AndroGel the new brand name Oxandrin. BTG purchased rights to the drug from Searle and it is now manufactured for the new purpose of treating HIV/AIDS related AndroGel wasting syndrome.

Tablets are green square tablets, with "50" imprinted on one side and "BD" separated by a score line, they can be broken AndroGel into 2 pieces, and are sealed in foil pouches of 100 tablets.

Day 6 - Day 12: 100 mcg

If overdose of tamoxifene is suspected,


contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately.

Possible side effects AndroGel of clenbuterol also include restlessness, palpitations, tremor, headache, increased perspiration, AndroGel insomnia, possible muscle spasms, increased blood pressure and nausea. Note that these AndroGel side effects are of a temporary nature and usually subside after 8-10 days, despite continuation of the intake of clenbuterol. AndroGel

100 mg Primobolan Depot/week, combined with 50 mg Winstrol Depot/week, is usually an effective AndroGel stack for many women and is tolerated well so that virilization symptoms are rarely observed. To avoid an undesired accumulation of androgens in the body women

should pay attention that there are three to four days in between the relative injections. For competing female athletes this stack, however, AndroGel is too weak.

Effective dosage: 50-150 mg/day (men).

Anavar, oxandrolone, tablets. Each Anavar tablet contains AndroGel 2.5 mg. oxandrolone. Anavar, brand name Bonavar, comes in packs of 50 tablets and is manufactured by Body Research Ltd., Thailand. AndroGel

14.4% loss of fat on average after six months, without dieting

Stanozolol AndroGel comes as a tablet, 2 mg, to take by mouth.

How Reductil works

Testosterone enanthate cycle

Oxandrolone is one of the few steroids, which does


not cause an early stunting of growth in children since it does not prematurely close the epiphysial growth plates. For AndroGel this reason oxandrolone is mostly used in children to stimulate growth and in women to prevent osteoporosis. In obese individuals, AndroGel oral oxandrolone has been shown to decrease subcutaneous abdominal fat more than testosterone AndroGel enanthate or weight loss alone, and it also tended to produce favorable changes in visceral fat.

AndroGel By itself, it does not lead to huge muscle gains, but rather lower weight but quality gains. In combination it can be very effective at good solid muscle gains. Users enjoy an increased strength without the associated increase

in weight.


Being moderately androgenic, Methandienone is really only a popular steroid with men. When AndroGel used by women, strong virilization symptoms are of course a possible result. Some do however experiment with it, and find low doses (5mg) of AndroGel this steroid extremely powerful for new muscle growth. Whenever taken, Methandienone (dianabol) will produce exceptional AndroGel mass and strength gains. It's effectiveness is often compared to other strong steroids like AndroGel testosterone and Anadrol 50, and it is likewise a popular choice for bulking purposes. A daily dosage of 20-40mg is enough to give almost anybody dramatic results. Some do venture much higher


in dosage, but this practice usually leads to a more profound incidence of side effects. It additionally combines well with a number of other AndroGel steroids. It is noted to mix particularly well with the mild anabolic Deca-Durabolin. Together one can expect an exceptional muscle and strength AndroGel gains, with side effects not much worse than one would expect from Dianabol alone. For all out mass, a long acting testosterone AndroGel ester like enanthate can be used. With the similarly high estrogenic/androgenic properties of this androgen, side effects AndroGel may be extreme with such a combination however. Gains would be great as well, which usually makes such an endeavor worthwhile to the user. As discussed


earlier, ancillary drugs can be added to reduce the side effects associated with this AndroGel kind of cycle.

Users will usually tailor their dosage individually, depending on results and side effects, AndroGel but somewhere in the range of 2-8 tablets per day is most common. Clenbuterol is often stacked with Cytomel.

Be aware AndroGel that the risk of hypoglycemia occurs not at the time of insulin injection but rather, AndroGel when the insulin starts to take effect. The risk will be greatest when your insulin blood level nears or reaches AndroGel its highest level, usually 30-60 minutes afterwards if a short acting insulin preparation is used (by subcutaneous injection) and up to 20 hours

later if a long acting insulin is used.

Chemical = Formula = Molecular Weight AndroGel = Mg of Testosterone

This description was taken directly from Brian Raupp's AndroGel Anabolix Research page since this drug is so dangerous and his description is by far the most comprehensive that I have found on the internet.


Reductil is a medication prescribed by doctors for the treatment of obesity.

IGF-1 also acts as an AndroGel endocrine growth factor having an anabolic effect on distant tissues once released into the blood stream by the AndroGel liver. IGF-1 possesses the insulin-like property of inhibiting degradation, but in addition can stimulate protein synthesis.

The insulin-like effects are probably due to the similarity of the signaling pathways between insulin and IGF-1 following ligand binding AndroGel at the receptors.

Now that the properties of trenbolone acetate have been explained we can AndroGel better understand how to use it in order to maximize its advantages. Evidence suggests that trenbolone when stacked with estrogen AndroGel promotes more weight gain that trenbolone alone (22), now I´m not telling you to go pop some birth control with your AndroGel trenbolone but the addition of aromatizing orals such as dianabol and a long estered testosterone such as cypionate or enanthate would produce great gains in a bulking cycle. For a cutting


cycle trenbolone is the best choice you have; trenbolones powerful effect on nutrient shuttling allows a user to restrict AndroGel calories and remain in a state of positive nitrogen balance (remember what that means?). The cortisol AndroGel reducing effect and binding to the glucocorticoid receptor will greatly reduce the catabolic effects of harsh dieting and excessive AndroGel amounts of cardio& not to mention that trenbolone itself may burn fat (due to it´s AndroGel strong AR-binding). A good choice to stack with tren in a cutting cycle is Winstrol. Winstrol has a low binding affinity to the AR and thus will act in your body in vastly different ways than the Tren (i.e. in non-receptor mediated action).


In addition, Winstrol is a DHT-based drug and Tren is a 19-nor& throw in some Testosterone (prop), and you´ll have a cutting cycle which takes AndroGel advantage of all 3 major families of Anabolic Steroids (Testosterone, 19-nor, and DHT), as well as vastly different AR-binding AndroGel affinities and mechanisms of action.

The highly androgenic effect of anadrol stimulates AndroGel the regeneration of the body so that the often feared "over training" is unlikely to occur.

Pregnyl by Organon.1,500 to 5,000 (International AndroGel Units) per 1ml amps. This drug is not a steroid but it is widely used in athletics today. HCG is a natural protein hormone secreted by the human placenta

and purified form the urine of pregnant women. This hormone is not a natural male hormone but mimics the natural hormone AndroGel LH (Luetinising Hormone) almost identically. This LH stimulates the production of testosterone by the testis in males. Thus HCG AndroGel sends the same message and results in increased testosterone production by the testis due to HCG’s effect AndroGel on the leydig cells of the testis. Normally this HCG is used to treat women with certain AndroGel ovarian disorders and it is used to stimulate the testis of men who may be hypogonadal. Athletes use HCG to increase AndroGel the body’s own natural production of testosterone which is often depressed by long term steroid use. Also when steroids


are used in high dosages they can cause false signals to the hypothalamus that results in AndroGel a depressed signal to the testicles. Over a period of weeks of this depressed signal the testicles ability to respond AndroGel to any signal from the pituitary becomes very weak, which results in testicular atrophy. To avoid this AndroGel athletes will use HCG to keep an artificial signal going to the testis and preventing testicular AndroGel atrophy.

    Detection Time: 4-6 weeks

The following table describes the condition most users AndroGel will find themselves in during a typical DNP cycle; it is by no means complete and mainly intended to drive home that users typically look


at their best 3-5 days following cessation of DNP use.

Parabolan: Description

This drug AndroGel is a potent nonsteroidal anti-estrogen. It is indicated for use in estrogen dependent tumors, i.e. breast cancer. Steroid AndroGel users take Nolvadex C&K to prevent the effects of estrogen in the body. This estrogen is most often the result of aromatizing AndroGel steroids. Nolvadex C&K can aid in preventing edema, gynecomastia, and female pattern fat distribution, AndroGel all of which might occur when a man's estrogen levels are too high. Also, these effects AndroGel can occur when androgen levels are too low, making estrogen the predominant hormone. This can occur when endogenous androgens

have been suppressed by the prolonged use of exogenous steroids. Nolvadex C&K works by competitively binding to target AndroGel estrogen sites like those at the breast.

Acne: Yes, especially in higher dosages

Dianabol aromatizes easily so that it is not AndroGel a very good steroid when working out for a competition but, for those wishing to acquire raw size, it is a star among oral steroids. AndroGel

Halotestex (fluoxymesterone) is an oral derivative of the male hormone AndroGel testosterone. Unlike testosterone, halotestex does not convert to estrogen. Therefore, estrogen-related side effects such as fat deposition, water retention, and gynecomastia do not occur. Halotestex

has powerful androgenic properties. It is particularly noted for increased strength without significant AndroGel additional weight gain. Side effects include aggression, oily skin, and virilization. Halotestex is considered to be very toxic to the AndroGel liver, and thus must be used with caution and for short durations only.

Tiratricol AndroGel is available from Genesis Meds, 50tbs/bottle, 1mg/tb.

Kidney or liver disease — Higher blood levels AndroGel of benzodiazepines may result, increasing the chance that side effects will occur

AndroGel Anabolic Rating: 1900 (!)

Oxanabol is a mild low androgenic 17-alphalkylated anabolic steroid with very low toxicity.


You may take a Cialis ® tablet at any point in time from 30 minutes to 12 hours before sexual activity. AndroGel Cialis ® may still be effective up to 24 hours after taking the tablet. It is AndroGel important to note that Cialis ® does not work if there is no sexual stimulation. You and your partner will need AndroGel to engage in foreplay, just as you would if you were not taking a medicine for erectile AndroGel dysfunction. You should NOT take Cialis ® more than once a day. Daily use of Cialis ® is strongly discouraged.

Tadalafil AndroGel is a drug used to treat male erectile dysfunction (impotence). It was developed by the biotechnology firm ICOS and marketed worldwide by


Eli Lilly and Company under the brand name Cialis.

Frequent injections can AndroGel be painful, to a point where users will begin scouting for different locations to stick the needle. Testosterone enanthate and cypionate are long-acting AndroGel esters. They require some skill with ancillary drugs and familiarity with post-cycle protocol since simple discontinuation will not put a halt to AndroGel all problems. In that aspect, for those who do not master ancillaries and post-cycle therapy, propionate AndroGel is perhaps a better product to star. Levels of androgens and estrogens will drop within 2-4 days of discontinuation, effectively halting or reducing any occurring side-effects. Nonetheless, this

is still a very potent testosterone with a risk of side-effects (the characteristics of testosterone do not change despite AndroGel the ester, which is just a carrier) so the use of Nolvadex, Proviron, or Arimidex is highly advised.

Its growth promoting AndroGel effect also seems to strengthen connective tissues, cartilage and tendons. This effect should reduce the susceptibility to injury AndroGel (due to heavy weight training), and increase lifting ability (strength). HGH is also a safe drug for the "piss-test". Although its use AndroGel is banned by athletic committees, there is no reliable detection method. This makes clear its attraction to (among others) professional bodybuilders, strength

athletes and Olympic competitors, who are able to use this drug straight through a competition. There is talk however AndroGel that a reliable test for the exogenous administration of growth hormone has been developed, and is close to AndroGel being implemented. Until this happens, growth hormone will remain a highly sought after drug AndroGel for the tested athlete.

Those looking for greater bulk would be better served by adding AndroGel an oral like Anadrol 50В® or Dianabol, combinations which prove to be nothing AndroGel less than dramatic. If the athlete wishes to use a testosterone yet retain a level of quality and definition to the physique, an injectable anabolic like DecaDurabolinВ®


or EquipoiseВ® may prove to be a better choice. Here we can use a lower dosage of enanthate, AndroGel so as to gain an acceptable amount of muscle but keep the buildup of estrogen to a minimum. Of course the excess estrogen that is associated with testosterone AndroGel makes it a bulking only drug, producing too much water (and fat) retention for use near contest AndroGel time.

The Restandol (Andriol)/Anavar stack gives athletes who do not yet have much experience AndroGel with steroids a fairly large strength increase and also often substantial muscle growth. For athletes over forty this combination is also of interest. Those working out for competitions and wanting to avoid injections


on a regular basis can substitute Testosterone propionate with Restandol (Andriol).

Important advice for females AndroGel

Danabolan is not a steroid suitable for year-round treatment since it is quite toxic. The duration AndroGel of intake should be limited to a maxi-mum of 8 weeks. It has been proven that Danabolan, AndroGel above all, puts stress on the kidneys, rather than the liver. Athletes who have taken it in high dosages over several weeks often report an AndroGel unusually dark colored urine. In extreme cases blood can be excreted through the urine, a clear sign of kidney damage. Those who use Danabolan should drink an additional gallon of fluid daily since it helps flush the kidneys.


Since Danabolan does not cause water and salt retention the blood pressure rarely rises. Similar to Finaject, many AndroGel athletes show an aggressive attitude which is attributed to the distinct androgenic effect. It is interesting that acne and hair loss AndroGel only occur rarely which might be due to the fact that the substance is not converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Some athletes report nausea, AndroGel headaches, and loss of appetite when they inject more than one ampule (76 mg) per week. Since Danabolan considerably reduces the endogenic testosterone production, the use of testosterone-stimu-lating compounds at the end of intake is suggested. In older athletes there is an increased
risk that Danabolan could induce growth of the male prostate gland. We recommend that male bodybuilders, during and after a treatment with AndroGel Danabolan, have their physician check their prostate to be sure it is still small in size.

This AndroGel drug is unique (so far as I know) in that 5a -reductase, the enzyme which converts testosterone to the more-potent DHT, actually AndroGel converts nandrolone to a less-potent compound. Therefore this AAS is somewhat deactivated in the skin, scalp, and prostate, and these AndroGel tissues experience an effectively-lower androgen level than the rest of the body. Therefore, for the same amount of activity as another drug at the androgen receptors

(ARs) in muscle tissue, Deca gives less activity in the scalp, skin, and prostate. Thus, it is the best AndroGel choice for those particularly concerned with these things.

As dizziness has been reported AndroGel in men taking Cialis ® in clinical studies, you should be aware of how you react to Cialis ® before you drive or operate AndroGel machinery.

Description: HCG is a glycoprotein that is secreted in the urine by pregnant women. It is AndroGel legally used as a fertility drug for women to helpinduce ovulation. This drug is used by male athletes to elevate natural levels AndroGel of testosterone production, mostly after a steroid cycle. This drug is used to kick start your testosterone


after a cycle. While on steroids for long periods of time (more than 3 - 4 weeks) your natural testosterone shuts down. A shot AndroGel of this each week for 2 weeks straight will get things going again.

It is interesting AndroGel to note that Anadrol 50 does exhibit some tendency to convert to dihydrotestosterone, although this does not occur via the 5-alpha AndroGel reductase enzyme (responsible for altering testosterone to form DHT) as it is already AndroGel a dihydrotestosterone based steroid. Aside from the added c-17 alpha alkylation, oxymetholone differs from DHT only by the addition of AndroGel a 2-hydroxymethylene group. This grouping can be removed metabolically however, reducing oxymetholone to the

potent androgen l7alpha-methyl dihydrotestosterone (mesterolone; methyldihydrotestosterone). There is little AndroGel doubt that this biotransformation contributes at least at some level to the androgenic nature of this steroid, AndroGel especially when we note that in its initial state Anadrol 50 has a notably low binding affinity for the androgen AndroGel receptor. So although we have the option of using the reductase inhibitor finasteride (Proscar) AndroGel to reduce the androgenic nature of testosterone, it would be of no benefit with Anadrol 50 as this enzyme is not AndroGel involved.

Bonavar Dosage

Liver Toxic: Yes, very high

The comparisons to the current drugs used for dieting

are astounding, at least in terms of thermogenesis. While the ECA stack has been shown AndroGel to provide approximately a 3% increase in metabolic rate, DNP can deliver a relatively controlled 50% elevation in resting metabolic rate. AndroGel The thermogenic aspect of clenbuterol, while sometimes overestimated due to the high CNS stimulation that yields AndroGel a "wired" feeling, can vary according to prior exposure to various amphetamine-like compounds and certainly is not AndroGel much greater than that of ECA. DNP does not have the anorectic effects of ephedrine or other thermogenic agents; rather, it tends to increase hunger, particularly appetite for carbohydrates. This problem is easily


solved with appetite suppressants, and one may even use ECA itself for this purpose while on DNP.

For men the usual dosage is 25-50 mg per AndroGel day for the tablets, for women 5-10 mg tablets per day, length of use should be kept to 5 -8 weeks.

CNS stimulants, AndroGel for instance ephedrine, are not advised to use with clenbuterol as the negative side effects AndroGel would be exaggerated.

**  = Of questionable (although possible) importance)

Severe hypoglycemia or a combination of alcohol AndroGel and other drugs, particularly drugs which suppress the central nervous system, can cause a person to stop breathing and their heart to stop beating. Remember,


it only takes a few minutes for someone to suffer permanent brain damage or to die, once they stop breathing.

The capsules, AndroGel therefore, are effective for only a few hours so that 6-7 capsules, that is 240-280 AndroGel mg (minimum), must be taken daily to achieve good results comparable to those of injectable compounds. This, however, puts the athlete in a dosage AndroGel range which begins to influence the hormone production and the compound now more readily converts into AndroGel estrogen. Such a dose can also manifest itself in a higher retention of sodium and water. This is one factor which competing athletes must consider.

Before taking Viagra, tell your doctor if you have had

a heart attack, stroke, or life-threatening irregular heartbeats within the last six months; have a history of heart AndroGel failure; have coronary artery disease; have angina; have high or low blood pressure; have liver problems; have kidney problems; have ever had blood AndroGel problems, including sickle cell anemia or leukemia; have a bleeding disorder; have a stomach ulcer; have retinitis pigmentosa AndroGel (an inherited condition of the eye); have a physical deformity of the penis such as AndroGel Peyronie's disease; have a condition that could lead to prolonged and painful erections, such as a tumor AndroGel of the bone marrow, sickle cell anemia, or leukemia; or are taking another medicine to treat impotence.
You may not be able to take Viagra, or you may require a dosage adjustment or special monitoring during treatment if you have any of the conditions AndroGel listed above. Although Viagra is not indicated for use by women, it is in the FDA pregnancy category B. This means that AndroGel Viagra is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby. Women should not take Viagra. It is not known AndroGel whether Viagra passes into breast milk. If you are over 65 years of age, you may be more likely to experience side effects from AndroGel Viagra. Your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of this medication.

Hair regrowth

Effective dosage: 2-4 IU, 2-4 times/week.

Additional monitoring

of your dose or condition may be needed if you are taking other medicines for impotence, azole antifungals AndroGel (e.g., itraconazole, ketoconazole), cimetidine, erythromycin, mibefradil, rifamycins (e.g., rifampin), high blood pressure AndroGel medicines, or delavirdine. If you are taking an HIV protease inhibitor (e.g., ritonavir, AndroGel saquinavir), do not take more than a 25 mg dose of sildenafil in a 48-hour period. If you are taking more than a 25 AndroGel mg dose of sildenafil and are also taking an alpha-blocker medicine (e.g., doxazosin, prazosin, AndroGel terazosin) for various conditions (e.g., enlarged prostate), separate the time between taking these medicines by more than 4 hours. See How To Use section


for drug-food interaction information.

AndroGel is a hormone replacement product for men suffering from hypogonadism, a low level of the male hormone testosterone. This condition is marked by symptoms such as impotence and decreased interest in sex, lowered mood, fatigue, and decreases in bone density and lean body mass. Testosterone replacement therapy helps correct these problems. AndroGel, applied daily to the skin, provides an especially convenient way of taking the hormone, which was previously administered only by injection or skin patch.

Men using AndroGel must be careful to prevent contact between gel-covered areas and other people's skin. The drug can be transferred by skin-to-skin contact and can have harmful effects on women, especially pregnant women and their unborn babies. Women who touch AndroGel should wash with soap and water as soon as possible. Female partners of men who use AndroGel should contact a physician if they develop signs that the hormone is being transferred, such as acne, increased body hair, or other male sexual characteristics.

Apply AndroGel once daily in the morning to clean, dry skin. Empty the entire contents of the package into a clean hand and apply to the shoulders and upper arms and/or the abdomen. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Allow the application site to dry before dressing, then be sure to cover the treated area with clothing. Avoid bathing, showering, or swimming for 5 to 6 hours after application. Do not apply AndroGel to the genitals.

Women must not use AndroGel, and men with prostate cancer or cancer of the breast should also avoid it. Do not use the product if it gives you an allergic reaction.

Before using AndroGel, you should be aware that prolonged, high-dose therapy with male hormones is associated with liver disease and in some cases, liver cancer. Breast enlargement is also a common problem.

Remember, too, that older men who take male hormones are at higher risk for developing prostate disease or prostate cancer. Your doctor should check you carefully before prescribing AndroGel if you have a medical profile that increases your risk for prostate cancer.

Testosterone replacement therapy also tends to worsen sleep apnea, a condition that causes breathing to stop temporarily during sleep. Obese men and those with chronic lung disease are especially at risk.

If you have a history of heart, kidney, or liver disease and develop swelling in the hands, feet, or ankles, stop using AndroGel and alert your doctor immediately. Also contact your doctor if you develop too frequent or persistent erections, nausea, vomiting, or changes in breathing or skin color.

Combining AndroGel with adrenocorticotropic hormone (Cortrosyn), or steroid drugs such as hydrocortisone (Hytone), prednisolone (Pediapred), and betamethasone (Diprolene) may increase fluid retention and swelling, especially in people with heart or kidney disease.

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